Friday, November 30, 2007

Donald Trumped

Donald Trump's controversial plans to build a £1billion golf resort along a stretch of the Scottish coastline have been rejected by the local council. From the Telegraph:
Councillors have rejected the proposals for two links courses, a five-star hotel, a golf academy, nearly 1,000 holiday homes and 500 private houses in one of the biggest single property developments seen in Scotland.

Following the decision, the flamboyant American property tycoon threatened to pull out of Scotland and take the scheme, which would be worth more that £100 million a year, elsewhere in Europe.
Oh boo hoo, Donald Trump. Take your money and your environmental nightmare elsewhere. I'm sure you'll be greeted with equally open arms "elsewhere in Europe."
The scheme was opposed by conservation groups which warned that the Trump International Golf Links would damage the dunes and wildlife on the 1,400-acre site near Balmedie.


Mauigirl said...

I am SO glad he didn't get to do this! I love Scotland's wild coast. I'm glad he didn't have a chance to ruin it with yet another ugly American style development.

Sue J said...

I know -- talk about you "ugly American!" I like the Telegraph's description: "flamboyant." Scots don't like flamboyant!