Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Clinton viewed as strongest, most decisive candidate, but we're not going to report that

In my post earlier today I told you that Hillary Clinton is not my first choice of candidate for President. However, I feel compelled to publicize the recent Associated Press poll which shows that the American people clearly have a positive impression of her — not that you would that by watching any of the talking heads. (click for larger image)

Decisive, strong, honest, experienced, and ethical. The American people give Clinton high marks across the board — in fact, higher than any other candidate, Republican or Democrat.

But how are the poll findings being reported by the major news outlets?

FoxNews.com: Obama and Giuliani Seen as Most Likable Presidential Candidates

USA Today: Obama, Giuliani Most Likable

Washington Post: Obama, Giuliani Likable

So, apparently being likable is the most newsworthy finding of this poll. And here I would have thought it was the fact that the majority polled viewed a woman as stronger and more decisive than all of her male opponents. I don't know, I guess I thought that was kinda groundbreaking, actually. But what do I know about reporting, I'm just a blogger, right?

I can just hear the Chris Matthews (he's a real reporter) intro now: “Hillary Clinton is unlikable. Is she electable?”

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