Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday Poetry Break

Today is my parents anniversary, and yes I should know exactly how many years, but if you read my previous post, you'll see I'm still a little hazy, so let's just say it's about 53? Several more than fifty, at any rate! So in honor of their anniversary, I'm sharing a poem that I read more years ago than I'd like to admit at the wedding of my dear friends Kathy and Martin. Enjoy!

The Master Speed

No speed of wind or water rushing by
But you have a speed far greater. You can climb
Back up a stream of radiance to the sky,
And back through history up the stream of time.
And you were given this swiftness, not for haste
Nor chiefly that you may go where you will.
But in the rush of everything to waste,
That you may have the power of standing still—
Off any still or moving thing you say.
Two such as you with a master speed
Cannot be parted nor be swept away
From one another once you are agreed
That life is only life forevermore
Together wing to wing and oar to oar

Robert Frost


krazy kat said...

Boy, that is beautiful. I love Robert Frost, but have never read this poem. As you know now, my anniversary is on October 10th also. I think I will keep this Frost poem close to my heart.

PookyShoehorn said...

Yes -- and happy anniversary to Mr & Mrs. Curmudgeons, as well!