Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Your Vote Counts

Part of my struggle with this blog is the effort to keep a balance. I want to discuss what I think are vitally important current topics, while still maintaining a sense of humor. (Thanks, Vicki, for your kind words!) I promise to try to keep that balance. Without humor, where would we be? (Yes, Mean Dave, I'll try not to mistake sarcasm for humor!)

This post is exciting to me because I know there are a lot of lurkers out there , and I have the opportunity to spread the word about an easy — really easy! — way that you can make your voice (and vote) count on the issues of world poverty and disease.

The ONE Campaign is launching ONE Vote ’08, an unprecedented bi-partisan high-tech, high energy campaign to mobilize voters and engage U.S. presidential candidates to make the fight against global poverty and disease a key foreign policy and security issue at the 2008 ballot box.

You can take action in many ways, and get informed before the ’08 election. Take one minute today, and add your one voice to the fight against global AIDS and extreme poverty. I did. And so have over 2 million other folks, one by one. Please join us.

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